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Areas of Special Interest:
Archaic and Classical Greek Poetry               Greek Pedagogy
Ancient Literary Criticism                              Greek Philosophy and Ethics

The University of Michigan    Ph.D.  1988     Classical Studies
                                             A.M.   1984
Williams College                   B.A.    1982    Classics & History of Ideas
Employment and Teaching Experience:
Emory University
- Professor of Classics (2010-present)
- Chair of Classics (2005-2009)
- Associate Professor of Classics (1995-2010)
- Interim Chair of Classics (1995-96)
- Assistant Professor of Classics (1989-1995)
Bowdoin College
- Visiting Assistant Professor (1988-89)
The University of Michigan
- Teaching Assistant (1983-86)

Fellowships and Awards:
Emory College Language Center Award for Excellence in Language Teaching (2010)
Eta Sigma Phi (local chapter) Award for Excellence in the Classroom (2005, 2006)
CTC Summer Curriculum Development Grant (2004)
Emory University Research Committee Grant (2004)
CAMWS Award for Excellence in College Teaching (2003)
Emory University Research Committee Grant (1994)
ACLS Recent Ph.D. Fellowship (1990-91)
Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, The University of Michigan (1986-87)
Humanities Prize Fellowship, The University of Michigan (1982-83)
Charles Lansing Fellowship, Williams College (1982)
Rice Prize in Greek, Williams College (1981, 1982)
Phi Beta Kappa, Williams College (1981)

Books (completed):
1. Eros at the Banquet: Reviewing Greek with Plato’s Symposium (in press). The University of Oklahoma Press.

2. The Essentials of Greek Grammar: A Concise Reference for Students of Attic Greek (in press). The University of Oklahoma Press.

3. Lying and Poetry from Homer to Pindar: Falsehood and Deception in Archaic Greek Poetics, The University of Michigan Press, 1993.

Publications (cont.):

Book (in progress):
Images of Childhood: Children and Child-rearing in Ancient Greek Literature

Peer-reviewed articles and contributions to peer-reviewed edited volumes:
1. "Diomedes, the Fatherless Hero of the Iliad," in S. Hübner, D. Ratzan (eds.), Growing Up Fatherless in Antiquity, Cambridge University Press (2009) 141-161.

2. “The Parental Ethos of the Iliad," in A. Cohen, J. B. Rutter (eds.), Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy, Hesperia suppl. 41 (2007) 25-40.

3. “The Old Women of Greece and the Homeric Hymn to DemeterTransactions of the American Philological Association 130 (2000) 41-65.

4. "Four Ptolemaic Papyri illustrating a dispute among tax farmers, P.Mich inv. 6953, 6960, 6952 & 6971," co-authored with T. Caulfield, A.Keith, K.O. Lord, in P.Mich. XVIII: A Festschrift for Ludwig Koenen, T. Gagos, A. Hanson, G. Most, P.J. Sijpesteijn (eds.) (1996).

5. "The Seal of Theognis, Writing, and Oral Poetry," American Journal of Philology 116  (1995) 171-84.

6.  "Odyssey 19.535-50: On the Interpretation of Dreams and Signs in Homer," Classical Philology 89 (1994) 148-53.
Encyclopedia articles:
1. “Children” in M. Finkelberg (ed.), Homer Encyclopedia, Blackwell (accepted, in press).

2. “Dreams” in M. Finkelberg (ed.), Homer Encyclopedia, Blackwell (accepted, in press).

3. “Lies” in M. Finkelberg (ed.), Homer Encyclopedia, Blackwell (accepted, in press).

4. “Achilles” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford University Press (accepted, in press).

5. “Diomedes” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford University Press (accepted, in press).

6. “Helen” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome, Oxford University Press (accepted, in press).

7. “Odysseus” in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome,
vol. 5, 87-91, Oxford University Press (2010).
Book Reviews:
1. F. Hartog, Memories of Odysseus, American Historical Review (2003) 557.

2. M. Finkelberg, The Birth of Literary Fiction in Ancient Greece, Classical World 93 (2000) 301-2.

3. C. Segal, Singers, Heroes, and Gods in the Odyssey, Phoenix 50 (1996) 3-4.

4. N. Denyer, Language, Thought and Falsehood in Ancient Greek Philosophy, Classical World 88 (1995) 494-95.

5. J. M. Foley, Immanent Art: From Structure to Meaning in Traditional Oral Epic, Classical World 86 (1992) 174.

1. “Monsters!” with Marshall Duke and Bonna Wescoat in the “Carlos Conversations” series (http://www.carlos.emory.edu/podcasts) (2007)

2. “Selections from Homer in Greek” (for students wanting to practice reading hexameter)” http://homepage.mac.com/jrodr01/homer.xml (2006)

Talks and Papers Presented:
1 "Diomedes, the Fatherless Hero of the Iliad," Emory University, May 2007; Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, June 2007; Indiana University, September 2007.

2. "The Influence of the Iliad and the Odyssey on Fifth Century Athens" (docent training), Michael C. Carlos Museum, March 2007.

3. “Homeric Children and Their Parents,” Coming of Age: Children and Childhood in the Ancient Mediterranean, Dartmouth College, November 2003; Emory University, November 2003 (twice, once for faculty, once for students).

4. “You are like a child: child-similes and apostrophe in the Iliad,” Classical Association of the Midwest and South, Lexington KY, April 2003.

5. “That was Then, This is Now: Penelope in the 1990s,” Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska, September 1996.

6. "An Introduction to Greek Culture through Olympia," (high school teacher training), Michael C. Carlos Museum, August 1995.

7. "The Seal of Theognis, Writing, and Oral Poetry," Voice into Text: Orality and Literacy in Ancient Greece, The University of Tasmania, July 1994.

8. "Penelope's Dream: Ancient vs. Modern Codes of Interpretation" Classical Association of the Midwest and South, Iowa City, April 1993.

9. response to Paul Woodruff, "The Unexamined Verse," Plato and the Greek  Literary Tradition, Emory University, April 1992.

10 - 11. "Ancient Party Etiquette" and "College Classics," Georgia Junior Classical League, Fall Forum, November 1990, 1991.

Classes Taught:

Classical Civilization
: Introduction to Classical Literature in Translation, Latin Literature in Translation, Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization, Greek Tragedy in Translation, Sex and Society in Antiquity, Classical Athens, Ancient Drama, Sex and Love in Greece and Rome (freshman seminar), Early Greece: Real and Imagined, Homer and the Heroic Imagination (freshman seminar), The Trojan War and the Travels of Odysseus: The Iliad, the Odyssey and Their Influence (freshman seminar)

Greek: Elementary Greek I & II, Intermediate Greek (Plato, Herodotus, Homer), Advanced Greek (Euripides, The Myth of Prometheus, The Presocratic Philosophers, Dionysus in Drama, Hesiod and the Homeric Hymns, Plutarch’s Life of Antony)

Latin: Elementary Latin I & II, Intermediate Latin (Cicero, Apuleius, Catullus & Ovid), Advanced Latin (Vergil)

Honors, MA and Dissertation Committee Work:
Honors Advisor: Eric Weilnau (Classics: 1998-99), Michelle Addorisio (Classical Studies: 1998-99), Brenda Wittman (Classics: 1994-95)
Honors Committees: Benjamin Cook (Political Science: 2008), Acree Graham (Creative Writing: 2008), Sharon Hsu (English: 2008), Ashley Rye (Art History: 2007), Jonathan Levy (Political Science: 2004), Kathryn Maddux (Classical Studies: 2004), Benjamin Spangler (English: 2003), Melissa Watt (Religion: 1997), Emily White (English: 1995), Jennie Stearns (English: 1992), Catherine Fine (Classics: 1992),Mike Deucher (Philosophy: 1990)
Dissertation Committees: Monica Kelley (French Department: 1998), David da Silva (Candler School of Theology: 1995), William Brown (Candler School of Theology: 1991).
MA Committee: Jessica Hubley (History Department: 2004)

Chair 2005-09
Chair, Search Committee 2006-07
Director of Undergraduate Studies 2005-08
Chair, Future of the Department Task Force 2004-05
Eta Sigma Phi advisor 2004-05
Honors Coordinator 2004-05
Coordinator, New General Education requirements 1996
Interim Chair 1995-96
Member, Future of the Department Committee 1992-93
Member, Committee on Review Procedures 1991-92
Secretary 1991-92
Member, Search Committee 1989-90, 1992-93, 1998-99
Advisor to undergraduate majors 1989-present
Representative at Majors Fairs, Freshman Orientation, etc. (many times)

Service (cont.):
Ancient Mediterranean Studies/Classical Studies: Associated faculty 1989-present
Member, Reform of Curriculum Committee 1999-2000
Member, New Curriculum Committee 1996-97

Comparative Literature: Associated Faculty 1994-present
Member, Admissions Committee 2005-06
Member, Executive Committee 1997-98

Michael C. Carlos Museum:
Leader, book clubs on the Iliad and the Odyssey, Fall 2004, Spring 2005
Organizer, "Symposium on the Symposium, " October 2004

College, Graduate School and University Service:
Chair, Committee on Academic Standards, 2010-present
Member, Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry Executive Committee, 2010-present
Member, Languages and Literature Advisory Committee, 2010-present
Vice President, Phi Beta Kappa (local chapter), 2009-present
Interim Chair, Humanities Council, 2008-09
Member, Distinguished dissertation nomination committee, Humanities, 2009
Member, Faculty Dinners Team, Emory Scholars Selection Committee, 2008
Member, Task Force on Reform of the General Education Requirements, 2007-08
Member, Humanities Council, 2005-08
Member, Beinecke Scholar nomination committee, 2005
Member, Educational Policy Committee, 2004-07
Member, Emory College Language Center Executive Committee, 2000-03
Member, International Affairs Council, 1996-99
Member, Admissions and Scholarships Committee, 1995-97
Member, Conduct Council, 1994-96
Member, Humanities Core Course Committee, 1994-95
Participant: Emory Fall Preview, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
Member, Emory Scholars Selection Committee, 1992-99
Member, Committee on Study Abroad, 1992-94
Leader, Freshman Advising Groups, 1992, 1994
Member, Ad hoc Conduct Appeals boards, 1992-93, 1997-98
Professional Activities:
Local Committee, Annual Meeting of CAMWS, Atlanta 1997
Local Committee, Annual Meeting of APA, Atlanta 1994
Local Organizer, National Junior Classical League Convention at Emory 1990-91
American Journal of Philology
Classical Journal
Classical Philology
Classical Quarterly
Classical World
Phoenix: Journal of the Classical Association of Canada
Transactions of the American Philological Association
Oxford University Press
The University of Michigan Press
Yale University Press
Outside evaluator, tenure review, Union College
Member: American Classical League, American Philological Association
Classical Association of the Middle West and South, Women's Classical Caucus



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