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Garth Tissol

Department of Classics
221F Candler Library
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
(404) 727-7595

Latin Poetry, English Literature and the Classics

A. B.  (Classics/English), University of California, Berkeley, 1974
M. A.  (English), University of Washington, 1976
M. A.  (Classics), University of California, Berkeley, 1980
Ph. D. (Classics), University of California, Berkeley, 1988

2013–:  Professor, Department of Classics, Emory University
1995-2013:  Associate professor, Department of Classics, Emory University
1989-1995:  Assistant professor, Department of Classics, Emory University
1987-1989:  Visiting assistant professor, Department of Classics, Emory University

Senior Fellowship, Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (Emory University), 2008-2009
University Teaching Fund Grant (Emory University), 2004-2005
University Research Committee Grant (Emory University) for Fall semester, 2004
Blegen Research Fellowship, Vassar College, 2002-2003
Massee-Martin/NEH Teaching Observation Award, 1997-1998
Appointment as Visiting Scholar and Research Associate, Department of Classics, University of California, Berkeley, 1993-1994
NEH Fellowship for College Teachers and Independent Scholars, 1993-1994
University Research Committee Grant (Emory University) for Spring semester, 1993
NEH Summer Seminar Grant, 1991
Summer Session Scholarship of the Classical Society of the American Academy in Rome, 1984
Richardson Latin Translation Prize, 1982
Departmental Citation, Dept. of Classics, UC Berkeley, 1974
Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of California (UC Berkeley), 1973

Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Books 11-15, commentary, under contract to University of Oklahoma Press

Ovid, Epistulae ex Ponto, Book 1, edition and commentary (Cambridge University Press, 2014)
The Face of Nature:  Wit, Narrative, and Cosmic Origins in Ovid's Metamorphoses (Princeton University Press, 1997)

Defining Genre and Gender in Roman Literature:  Essays Presented to William S. Anderson on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday, co-edited with William W. Batstone (New York:  Peter Lang Publishing, 2005)
The Reception of Ovid in Antiquity, Arethusa 35.3 (Fall, 2002), co-edited with Stephen M. Wheeler

“Two Alphabeta Graeca (1550) and the Estienne Press at Paris,” The Library 14 (2013) 334–348
“Ovid,” in The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English, vol. 3 (1660-1790), edd. S. Gillespie and D. Hopkins (Oxford University Press, 2005), 204-217.
“Maimed Books and Maimed Authors:  Tristia 1.7 and the Fate of the Metamorphoses,” in Defining Gender and Genre in Roman Literature:  Essays Presented to William S. Anderson on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday, edd. William W. Batstone and Garth Tissol (Peter Lang Publishing, 2005), 97-112.
Biographical notice of William Lillington Lewis (1743-1772), translator of Statius’ Thebaid, for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, ed. H. C. G. Matthew and Brian Harrison (Oxford University Press, 2004)  33: 667.
“Dryden’s Additions and the Interpretive Reception of Ovid, Translation and Literature 13 (2004) 181-193.
Introduction to Ovid, Love Poems (Wordsworth Classics, 2003), comprising translations of Ovid’s Amores, Ars Amatoria, and Remedia Amoris (1684-1719) by John Dryden and other poets.
 “Ovid and the Exilic Journey of Rutilius Namatianus,” Arethusa 35.3 (Fall, 2002) 435-446.
“The House of Fame:  Roman History and Augustan Politics in Ovid’s Metamorphoses 11-15,” in Brill’s Companion to Ovid, ed. Barbara Weiden Boyd (Brill, 2002), 305-335.
 “Heroic Parody and the Life of Exile:  Dialogic Reflections on the Career of Ovid,” in Bakhtin and the Classics, ed. R. Bracht Branham (Northwestern University Press, 2002), 137-157.
“An Altered Portrait of the Artist:  Some Transformed Images in Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Poetry of Exile,” in From Caligula to Constantine:  Tyranny and Transformation in Roman Portraiture, ed. Eric R. Varner (Atlanta, 2000), 81-84.
Introduction to the 1717 translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses by John Dryden and other poets (Wordsworth Classics, 1998)
“Ovid’s Little Aeneid and the Thematic Integrity of the Metamorphoses,” Helios 20.1 (1993) 69-79.
“An Allusion to Callimachus’ Aetia 3 in Vergil’s Aeneid 11,” Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 94 (1992) 263-268.
“Polyphemus and His Audiences:  Narrative and Power in Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” Syllecta Classica 2 (1990) 45-58.

Erasmus, Detectio praestigiarum (1526) and Epistola contra pseudeuangelicos (1530) forthcoming in The Collected Works of Erasmus, vol. 78, edd. Manfred Hoffmann and James Tracy (University of Toronto Press).

Review of Jennifer Ingleheart, ed., A Commentary on Ovid, Tristia, Book 2, forthcoming in Classical Review
Review of K. Sara Myers, ed., Ovid, Metamorphoses Book XIV, Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics (Cambridge University Press, 2009), forthcoming in Journal of Roman Studies
Review of Mandy Green, Milton’s Ovidian Eve (Ashgate, 2009), forthcoming in Classical Review 61.1.
Review of Sophia Papaioannou, Epic Succession and Dissension:  Ovid, Metamorphoses 13.623–14.582 and the Reinvention of the Aeneid (Walter de Gruyter, 2005), Classical Review 57.1 (2007) 109–110.
Review of Alessandro Barchiesi, The Poet and the Prince:  Ovid and Augustan Discourse (University of California Press, 1997) in Classical Philology 94.2 (1999) 238-243.
Review of Deborah H. Roberts, Francis M. Dunn, and Don Fowler, edd., Classical Closure:  Reading the End in Greek and Latin Literature (Princeton University Press, 1997) in Comparative Literature Studies 36.1 (1999) 73-77.
Review of Elaine Fantham, Roman Literary Culture:  From Cicero to Apuleius (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996) in American Historical Review 103.1 (February 1998) 150-151.

“Hieronymus Wolf in Pitts Theology Library:A Sixteenth-Century Editor’s Marginal Annotations on Isocrates” with Edward F. Parker, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University, February 27, 2014
“Ovid Returns to the Metamorphoses in Exile,” Ohio Classical Conference keynote address, October 4, 2013
“Ovid and Claudian’s Carmina minora 22 and 23:  Reflections on the Reception of Ovid’s Exilic Poetry in Antiquity,” Latin seminar, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, November 23, 2005
“Maimed Books and Maimed Authors:  Tristia 1.7 and the Fate of the Metamorphoses,” School of Classics, University of St. Andrews, May 1, 2005
“Dryden’s Additions and the Interpretive Reception of Ovid,” Department of Greek and Latin, Ohio State University, February 12, 2004
“Dryden’s Translations as Interpretive Reception of Ovid’s Poetry,” conference at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, June 7, 2003
“Consigned to the Flames:  Tristia 1.7 and the Fate of the Metamorphoses,” Vassar College, October 11, 2002; Columbia University, March 4, 2003; University of Massachusetts, Amherst, March 13, 2003; Penn State University, March 19, 2003
“Narrative Sculpture and Authorial Portraits in Ovid’s Poetry,” conference at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, “Reading Pictures, Reading Texts,” June 16, 2001
“Dryden’s Additions and the Interpretive Reception of Latin Poetry,” Tercentenary Conference on John Dryden (1631-1700):  Poet, Classicist, Translator, University of Bristol, July 7-9, 2000
“Ovid and the Exilic Journey of Rutilius Namatianus,” 1999 APA convention

Organizer of APA panels:  1999 APA convention, “After Exile:  The Reception of Ovid’s Works in Antiquity” (with Stephen M. Wheeler); 1994 APA convention, “Ovidian Wordplay” (with Stephen M. Wheeler)
Chair of session on “The Metamorphoses and History” at First Craven Seminar, “Perspectives on Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” Cambridge University, July 2-5,

“Puccini’s Tosca and the City of Rome,” gallery talk, Michael C. Carlos Museum, September 25, 2013
“Carlos Reads” program on Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things, Michael C. Carlos Museum, January 28, February 4 and 11, 2013
“Carlos Reads” program on Virgil’s Aeneid, Michael C. Carlos Museum, March 19 and 26, April 2, 2012
“Carlos Reads” program on Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Michael C. Carlos Museum, February 21 and 28, 2011
“Inside Edition: Book Arts of the 16th Century,” educational programs seminar, Michael C. Carlos Museum, January 19, 2010
“An Evening with Orpheus,” November 4, 2009, Michael C. Carlos Museum
“An Evening in the Shadow of Vesuvius,” September 21, 2006, Michael C. Carlos Museum
“Love, Sex, and Transformation: An Evening of Ovid in Music, Art, and Verse,” April 1, 2004, Michael C. Carlos Museum

Committee on Academic Standards, 2013–2014
University Research Committee, humanities subcommittee, 2012-2015, 1997-2000
Flora Glenn Candler Concert Series Steering Committee, 2012-2015, 2003-2006
Vice-president, Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma of Georgia (Emory University), 2012–2013
Phi Beta Kappa Membership Committee, Emory University, 1997-present (Acting Chair, 2012)
President, Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma of Georgia (Emory University), 2003-2005
Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry Great Works Seminar “Thoreau’s Walden and the Republic of Letters,” 2009-2010
Ancient and Classical Studies panel, National Endowment for the Humanities, 2005
Executive Committee of the Emory College Language Center, 2003-2004
Budget and Planning Committee, 2001-2002
Acting Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Classical Studies, 1999-2000
Educational Policy Subcommittee on Seminars, 1997-1998
Major advisor, 1989-1993, 1994-present
Honors Coordinator, 1989-1993, 1994-2005
Eta Sigma Phi advisor, 1989-1993, 1994-present
Search Committee, 1989-1990, 1992-1993, 2006-2007
Co-chair of search committee for Classics and Art History, 1995-1996
Ad Hoc Committee for Review of the Major, 1991-1992
McCord Prize Committee, 1989-1993, 1994-present
Freshman seminar program leader, 1990, 1991
Director of honors theses:  James Zainaldin, Plato and Cicero on Education (2013–2014), David Schwei, Judging the Roman Emperors:  the Organization of Suetonius’ De Vita Caesarum (2008-2009); Catherine M. Fine, Lucretius, Epicurus, and Scientific Methodology (1991-1992); Neil Petty, Bondage and Violence in the Monobiblos of Propertius (1990-1991)
Member of honors committees:  Max Ashton (Dept. of English, 2012–2013), Sarah Hitch (Dept. of Classics, 1998–1999), Michelle Addorisio (1998–1999), Christopher Hansen (Dept. of English, 1998–1999), R. Alexander Burroughs (Dept. of Philosophy, 1990–1991), Sean Ryan (1989–1990), Amy Warlick (1989–1990), Eve Downie (1987–1988)
Member of Ph. D. dissertation committees:  Joseph Johnson (Dept. of English, 2009-   ), Stephen Blackwood (Graduate Division of Religion, 2008–2010), Clint Corcoran (Dept. of Philosophy, 1990–1991)
Member of M. A. thesis committee:  Andy J. Miller (Dept. of Philosophy, 2003)

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